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Need Help With Your Content Marketing Strategy
Content Writing or Promotion of Your Content? 

Eproneur offers content marketing and web writing services designed to meet a wide range of copywriting and content development needs.  We create engaging content that supports your content strategy and offer very affordable prices, with quick turnaround.

We work with small to mid-sized businesses to craft online content that takes into account your key marketing messages, competitive keyword phrases, and the needs of your target audience.

Working as a high-performing virtual agency, we begin with strategy and information architecture and then bring in our writing experts to develop your content and even distribute it as part of our SEO services, if you wish to have us manage the entire process.


Our content marketing and web writing services include:

- Content Marketing Strategy and Planning

- Press Release Writing

- Article Writing

- Ebook Writing

- White Paper Writing

- Email Newsletters



Content Marketing Strategy and Planning

Content marketing requires some strategic planning . We can help you develop your content roadmap based on your business goals and audience needs. To do so we work to understand your sales process, your customer challenges and needs, and what compels them to buy. With the use of our EBUYER/ESALES™ Content roadmap, we help you develop a publishing and editorial calendar for reaching out to customers at the right time with the right content. As part of our content planning services, we recommend different types of online content that work together effectively, enforce your brand messages, help you reach the right audience through search and identify where to lead your readers once they take action.

News Release Writing

High-quality press releases get the word out about your product or service, and update the online world about your latest additions and offerings and news about your business. Press releases are a powerful tool that can help you with your search engine rankings as well as help you gain attention from the media. We develop your press release with a newsworthy angle, featuring strong headlines and copywriting that takes into account best-practices and search engine keyword optimization.

Article Writing Service

Engaging, targeted articles that are search engine friendly provide fresh, relevant content and are a very effective approach to build credibility in your industry. Articles can be either written to be published on your site or you can use them to submit offsite to article directories or other community sharing sites. Article marketing is a great way to increase your visibility through search engines and can also be repurposed for your other content marketing efforts.

Blog Writing Service

We can create timely and engaging blog posts to showcase your company’s knowledge, grow your subscriber base and increase your search engine rankings. Blogs are one of the most popular ways to offer your target audience relevant, interesting information, observations, commentaries and advice. With a blog we help you bring out your personal proficiency and share your subject matter expertise in a way that brings out your personality and keeps your message consistent..

E-book Writing Service

Ebooks are another form of content marketing to use as promotional tools and for lead generation. They typically are written in a more engaging style and less formal than white papers. There are many creative ways to put together an Ebook to offer as promotional material. Our writers can help research a topic, repurpose content, prepare a report or industry review, or develop a "how-to" ebook for you. We can even help with the graphic design and layout..

White Paper Writing Service

White papers are more technical in nature than eBooks and are more commonly used by B2B consulting firms and technology companies. Although, like ebooks they are educational in nature, white papers generally lead your readers through a methodical process to solve a problem. We work with you to put together a white paper that addresses the top challenges your prospects face and communicates clearly and effectively an approach for solving it while raising awareness and interest about how your solution can help.

Email Campaign/Newsletter Development

It is critical to have a follow up system that helps you build trust and keeps you "in sight" with leads, subscribers, and customers. Email nurturing helps you build that relationship through drip campaigns, newsletters and announcements and enables you to strategically guide buyers through the buying process and through your sales funnel. ePROneur can help you develop email campaigns that produces on-going strategic communication with your subscribers without spending a lot of time and money producing content.


If you are interested in learning more about our b2b copywriting services for SEO and web marketing and would like a quote, complete our Request-a-Quote Form to tell us a little bit about your needs and we will contact you within 24 hours.










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