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Eproneur Contact Manager

  Web based Software ♦ No Downloads ♦ No Hassle ♦ Access from Anywhere

  • Centralizes all Your Contacts, Leads and Requests
  • Fully Integrates into Your Website
  • Tracks all Your Communications, Notes and Files
  • Manages Your Sales Funnel and Rates Your Leads
  • Imports and Exports Contacts through One-Click
  • Creates Targeted Email Lists for Your Campaigns
  • Sophisticated, Elegant and Easy to Use!

The ePROneur Contact Manager is a powerful CRM system for small businesses.  It provides you with a central repository for managing information on all your contacts - including customers, leads, and contacts.  

  • It fully integrates with the Form and Survey Maker to give you a complete view of all the activities that are made on your website through "contact us" forms, download request forms, help desk ticket forms, event registration forms and surveys
  • It provides you with the abililtiy to manage all information  on your contacts, include profile details, add opportunities, keep notes, upload documents and track campaigns sent to each contact
  • Allows you to track all communications with a contact and send emails directly through the system
  • Enables you to categorize your contacts, segment by different criteria and build email lists so you can do more targeted marketing
  • Allows you to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, Linked In or a CSV file
  • Allows you to do reporting and analysis on leads and customers







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Eproneur empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses to promote their business online in the most affordable and effective way.

Eproneur is a full service web marketing firm located in Princeton, New Jersey. We offer a powerful suite of integrated web marketing software tools, website design services, search engine optimization and social media services.

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