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The ePROneur Email/Campaign Manager makes it easy to create professional HTML emails with no technical expertise. Our email marketing software offers customizable email templates and a step-by step getting started wizard. The Eproneur Email/Campaign Manager allows you to manage your email lists, easily create email campaigns on autopilot, create newsletters and email broadcasts and schedule sending your emails and campaigns all in one easy to use system. 

    1    Set up Your Email List



    2    Select from One of Three (3) Different Methods to Send Your Email Campaigns


Select from one of three different methods. to send email campaigns and follow ups    . 



  • The Email Broadcasts are used to send such things as specials, announcements  or promotions.
  • Email Campaigns are used as part of a string of emails that are sent in intervals for drip marketing purposes after someone subscribes to an offer for example
  • Newsletters enable you to create newsletter series and add unlimitted issues to send out on a specified date, per week, month or quarter. You can create unlimitted newsletter series which target different audiences or focus on different specialized areas.



    3    Set Up your Campaigns Using the Email Campaign Wizard  
    (Example below shows the 4 steps for adding a Broadcast Message)


Using our rich text-editor, you simply write your email, select from a list to send to and select a date to schedule your launch!

Step 1- Define your Settings

Step 2 - Write your Message



Step 3 - Select the Email Lists
to Send To

Step 4 - Schedule your Campaign










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