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Eproneur Website Content Manager
Simple, Affordable, Sophisticated Tools to Build a Competitive Content-Rich Website      

  • Gives You Full Control of Your Website and Content 
  • Publishes Blogs, Shares Articles, Video, PDFs in One Click
  • Builds Landing Pages Using Templates that Convert Visitors
  • Creates Events, Captures Registrations & Contact Information
  • Enables You to Easily Share with Social Networking Sites
  • Optimizes Your Site for Search Engines
  • And much more . . . 

The ePROneur Website Content Manager is a feature-rich content management system that enables you to easily manage your website and publish different types of content, including video, blogs, news, articles, and resources to engage and interest your visitors on your site.   

Whether you are a novice at website building or are advanced in html, you will find that the Website Content Manager will give you full control to update and manage your website through simple tools that have sophisticated functionality.

Below is a description of the tools included in the Website Content Manager:

The Website Builder is by far the most powerful website system that enables you to create and publish different types of content with ease. It has built-in SEO features, social networking integration and other unique functionality that give you full control over the management of your website, and the ability to create multiple websites through one application!  

The Landing Page Builder enables you to easily create landing pages focused on converting your visitors to leads or customers.  You can select from a list of templates and build your landing page in minutes or customize your own landing page and integrate with the form maker to capture contact information.


The FAQ knowledgebase enables you to organize all your frequently asked questions into folders related to different products, services or general sales and support related information.It comes with a widget you can use for each folder which you can embed on any page on your website .

The Testimonial library gives you a dedicated place to store and display testimonials from customers and allows you to publish them on your website and rotate them one at a time.  It also comes with a testimonial form that captures testimonials from your customers.

The   News Manager allows you to easily publish news posts to your website once you have selected your News Page.  It also comes with a news widget that you can embed anywhere on your home page and specify how many posts you want to display. 

The  Event Scheduler enables you to schedule events, create an event registration form, and capture registrations. It integrates and updates the Contact Manager and  provides a history of all events that the lead registered to. 

If you like to Blog, the Blog Publisher is the easiest blog software you can find. The advantage of using a blog is that it keeps fresh content on your site and helps your search engine rankings. With the Blog Publisher, you can post blogs, allow comments and display only those comments that you want.    The Article Manager is a powerful system that enables you to easily publish articles to your site, enter SEO meta tag information, indicate if you want to allow readers to post comments or rate your articles, - and select if you want to share any posted comments.  
The Document Library is a repository to store your documents online, including pdf's or other files that you provide as downloadable links from your website.  Includes easy functionality to upload a document. The Video/Presentation Library helps you segregate your presentation content and enables you to organize presentations you create that you can easily share and save for future reference. 
  The Ebook/White Paper Library can be used to upload and access your white papers or ebooks and easily share on your website or portal. The Case Studies Library can be used to store client success stories to share online or just use internally for your sales efforts.  
  The Resource Library keeps a list of helpful resources that you can categorize and display on your website or portal The Tools & Software Library enables you to organize helpful tools and software that can benefit your business, your partners or customers.
The Image Gallery enables you to upload your own images which you can easily embed into your website.  You can organize your images into categories, subcategroies and use albums. The image gallery also comes with preloaded images and graphics that are royalty free.  The Flash Gallery  enables you to organize, upload and store your flash files, animated files, advertisement banners, or any files with a SWF extension.  These files can easily be accessed and embedded into your web pages in one-click through the text editor that is included in the Website Builder.





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