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*1. Do you currently have a website or are you looking to build a new website?

*2. Do you need a new logo?
Yes - I do not have a logo
I need my existing logo redone

*3. Do you know how you want your website structured?
Yes, I have a layout and structure already completed
No, I do not have a layout and structure completed, but have an idea
No, I have no idea yet how I should structure it


*4. How many estimated pages will your website have?
Up to 5 pages (Home, Services, Testimonials, About Us, Contact Us, etc..)
Up to 10
Up to 20

*5. Do you want customized banner images on your home page?
Yes just 1 image
Yes I want up to 3 images fading in/out
No I can supply the image

*6. Do you need any help writing content?
No, my content is all organized. All you need to do is copy and paste
Yes. I have content wriitten, but it needs organizing
Yes. I need a quote for writing the content as well

*7. Which of the following forms do you need included on the website?
Contact Us Form
Download Form
Register Form
Subscribe Form
Request a Quote

8. Please describe if there is any special functionality that needs to be included on your website?

*9. Please provide links to three (3) websites that have a design you like.

10. Please explain what you specifically like about the design.

*11. Do you want a blog on your website?
Yes - I will write my own posts
Yes - I would like a quote to have you write my posts

*12. Do you want your website to also include a separate version for mobile devices?
No- but I want to be able to view the website on a mobile device
Yes I want a separate mobile version - My target market actively uses mobile

*13. Do you want your site optimized for search engines?
Not sure

*14. Do you need your website hosted?

*15. Do you need email?


*16. What is your estimated budget? (Your budget will determine what we can propose to do for you)
Less than $1500
Up to $5000
I have a complex site and have set a budget over $5000

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18. If you have any additional requirements or comments, please include below.