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Partner Program

Eproneur gives web development firms and marketing agencies who work with SMB clients a fully integrated website marketing platform that differentiates them from competitors, offers their clients unique high value and provides them with an ongoing revenue stream.


The Offering

The ePROneur Web Marketing Platform is a turnkey solution and hosted software platform designed for small to midsized B2B businesses that need an effective, yet simple and affordable, approach to web marketing.

Unlike web marketing systems from vendors like HubSpot, Marqui, Marketo, Bridgeline Digital and Pardot—which are designed and priced for midmarket and large enterprises—ePROneur is a comprehensive yet practical system that fits the needs and budgets of SMBs.

The ePROneur web marketing offer to agencies consists of:

  • The ePROneur proprietary web strategy methodology —an end-to-end guide, with templates, covering the entire web marketing process from creating compelling messages and designing an effective website to generating, nurturing and managing leads through to the sale.
  • The ePROneur web marketing software platform—a hosted software suite encompassing web content management (CMS), site hosting, blogging, web forms creation, customer relationship management (CRM) , email marketing and a social media monitoring tool
  • Training on how to use our software to provide web marketing services to your clients —website graphic design, content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media.

The Benefits

Your SMB B2B clients get a complete system for successful web marketing—strategy, tools and services. The eProneur hosted software platform provides all of the tools needed to generate and manage leads online: reliable web hosting, a CMS, CRM functionality and email marketing in a single, unified system. There’s no need to piece together applications from different sources, and because it’s a hosted platform, no software for you or your client to install and maintain.

You get:

  • A compelling value proposition for your clients: a comprehensive web marketing system including strategy, software and services, designed for their needs and budget.
  • Everything you need to make your clients successful: tools, training, strategy and coaching.
  • Competitive differentiation: unlike standalone CMS packages or expensive suites designed for larger enterprises offered by other agencies in your area, eProneur gives you a comprehensive yet simple and affordable web marketing system ideal for your SMB clients.
  • A predictable, ongoing revenue stream: receive commissions on every sale for as long as the subscription remains active.
  • A standard tool to maintain websites for your customers. No need to find expertise in different website development systems. This will enable to reduce your cost of delivering services
  • Upsell opportunities (additional seats and email volume) as your clients grow: unlike services, the eProneur technology platform provides a scalable revenue source.
  • Long-term services revenue opportunities: as your clients expand their web presence, you get new opportunities to implement new programs and develop new campaigns.

Partner Program Package

  • Services
    You get 100% of the associated services revenue.  You also have access to our services staff in the event you need to outsource the work.   
  • Commision Fees
    40% commission on the software subscription fees
  • Private Labeling  Fees
    You can private label the tool and sell it at the fee you desire and pay us a one-time fee of $500 to private label it.  The commission for private label agencies is 20%. 
  • Dedicated Partner Support and Training
    We will provide you with a point of contact for all your support needs with coaching and one-on-one training to someone on your staff. 

To learn more about us or how we can work with you, call us or complete our Partner Contact Request Form and we will contact you promptly.



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