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Promoting Your Business through Article Marketing

With 80% of consumers and 90% of b2b buyers starting their buying processes with search, one key to success in growing a business is to maximize your online presence. The internet provides many venues for promoting your business beyond your website and blog; one productive strategy is article marketing. There is a huge opportunity on the internet to publish quality articles on different popular sites that the search engines favor and rank highly. The more articles you publish as part of your internet marketing strategy, the more web traffic (and helpful links for SEO) you can get.

One of the best places to publish articles are hub pages. Hub pages are a one-page hybrid of a social networking site and blog. To utilize the publishing power of a hub page, you simply create one on a specific topic and then connect it to other pages that are similar. Hub pages are ranked according to content, so it is vital to have high-quality, original and unique content. Hub pages can be linked from, or linked to, pages on your blog or website. Articles can also be used as guest posts on other industry blogs. You can use social bookmarking sites to drive traffic to and build additional links for your articles.

To be successful with business article marketing, it’s crucial to actively write and publish new content. Articles with little value or originality won’t attract readers or search engine traffic. There may be hundreds of people writing articles on subjects related to your business, but only you and other subject matter experts in your company can offer your unique knowledge and perspective. Still, the volume of competition makes producing a steady stream of new content imperative.

Another way to get more views is to use long-tailed keywords (unique 3-, 4- or 5-word key phrases that are infrequently searched but highly relevant to your market) prominently in your articles. This reduces the amount of competition you face and can drastically increase your ranking.

In summary, business article marketing can be a highly effective way to promote your company, service, or product. You can utilize websites, blogs, hub pages, social bookmarking sites, article directories and other sites in your industry to publish and promote your articles. Be sure to write original, high-quality content and frequently incorporate long-tailed keywords into your articles. It can take a few days or even weeks for your articles to show up on search engines, so be patient. In addition, publish new content on a regular basis to optimize the use of article marketing.


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