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Search Engine Optimization

Small business SEO is critical in helping small businesses compete today, even more so than for large corporations who already have a brand name, who have deep marketing pockets and who have many different strategies to build business. Small businesses and even solo-entrepreneurs are extremely resource-constrained to go out and continuously market their business. In fact, over 50% of small businesses have less than 4 employees and most small businesses today even with staff up to 100 employees are partnering with web marketing service providers to help them make their businesses competitive online because they neither have the time nor do they actually know what really needs to market their business on the web. Search Engine Optimization is one of the ways that small businesses need to begin their web marketing journey. Here are seven areas to consider in Search Engine Optimization to help you get started.


Keyword optimization and usage is critical to your website’s marketing success. Across all of your website content, you need to make sure that you appeal to the right audience and get their attention. The key to success is to think like a buyer rather than a seller. You need to think about what words and phrases you would use in search if you were looking for a service or business like yours. Start with those words because they will probably be the most common. Then you can use specialized tools to find related keywords.


If you are a service-based local business, you have a great opportunity to build your local web presence by optimizing your site for local search results. There are a number of ways to use small business SEO strategies to help you optimize your site for local search. These tactics can significantly increase your local visibility and get your business listed very quickly at the top of the search engines, if you apply some local SEO best-practices.


While many people know that they need to optimize their site, many website owners do not know what they need to do to ensure their website is properly optimized. Here is a brief list that will help you get started and will also ensure that your website is conforming to some basic onsite small business SEO practices.


Content has a big impact on SEO because search engines use content as the key driver to optimizing your site. There are a number of factors to take into account when developing or updating content. When these factors are not taken into account, you can really loose out on the efforts to optimize your site with search engines, and in some cases you may even be penalized. Make sure that when you are making changes or creating new content that you follow certain guidelines and that you use a CMS that enables you to manage content changes and SEO updates easily.


As a new website owner, it’s important for you to understand the difference between the two terms people often confuse when they are talking about website ranking. SERPS refers to how well your site ranks when a consumer searches for a keyword in Google. On the other hand, PageRank is actually a trademark of Google, and it refers to how important and relevant the search engine thinks your site is – websites are graded on a scale from 1-10. Once you’ve worked hard to get your site ranked, you want to prevent your website from losing rankings you’re at! One of the most important aspects of small business SEO is to understand the basics and not get tangled up with all the jargon and detail that can make it complicated. Fortunately, the majority of it has to do with common sense, once you have the foundation of what to do and what not to do.



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