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Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising

Done right, search engine marketing (SEM, a.k.a. pay per click or PPC advertising) can drive targeted traffic to your site that converts into leads and sales. But done improperly, it can drain your online budget with little if any result. ePROneur search engine marketing consulting services help assure that your PPC campaigns produce strong, measurable ROI.

Our PPC search engine management services include reporting that shows you how each element of your campaign is performing—clicks, costs and conversions. Once a campaign is up and running, we can provide ongoing management services or turn control over to you and provide coaching for continuous improvement.

We have a network of highly skilled experts in search engine marketing consulting to help you generate qualified leads through a mix of incentives for response that will produce results at a competitive cost. 


Our SEM Consulting Services Delivery Approach 

Our PPC Search Engine Marketing services are outlined in 5 steps.  

 1  Incentive and Landing Page Design

  • Establishment of bid levels for CPC or cost per acquisition (CPA) campaigns
  • Selection and development of incentives for response that will drive leads and/or sales from your site visitors, including white papers, reports, eBooks, webinars, and special offers
  • Design of landing pages that compel actions and produce lead conversions or sales
  • Design of alternative landing pages to test various elements, including text length, layout, form design and button size

 2  Account and Campaign Set Up

  • Setup of accounts and campaigns, including overall budget level, geographic regions for ad display, bid type and ad scheduling (days and times ads will be displayed)
  • Optional separate setup for content network campaigns with unique keywords, budget and ads

 3   Keyword List Development and Ad Group Setup 

  • Development of keyword lists based on your landing page and incentive, supplemented by research into additional terms, competition and search volume
  • Organizing keywords into logical groups based on the incentive and quality scores
  • Establishment of bid levels for CPC or cost per acquisition (CPA) campaigns

 4  Ad Writing and Testing

  • Creation of multiple ads for each ad group
  • Testing of various ad elements (headline, text, display URL)

 5  Ongoing Optimization and Monthly Reporting

  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization (replacing lowest-performing ads with new ad variation to test)
  • A monthly report showing impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), conversions, conversion rate, overall cost, cost per click and cost per conversion, plus trends over time
  • Ongoing optimization of keywords, bids and ads to meet defined goals (e.g. maximize clicks, maximize leads, or minimize cost per click or lead).  

Benefits from our Search Engine Marketing Consulting Services

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Appearing in first page of search for popular and competitive search term
  • Increased exposure and credibility on the web 
  • Targeted visitors 
  • Qualified Leads or sales
  • Measurable ROI 
  • Clear reporting of costs, leads and ROI.


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