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Local Search Engine Optimization


Eproneur provides affordable local search engine optimization services to help your business get found in local search.
Local SEO ensures that your site is properly optimized and listed in the local search engines and directories to improve rankings, traffic and leads.

Local Search Engine Optimization enables you to rank well in your local geographic region so your business can easility be found locally when people are searching for your type of business.using your selected keywords..  Businesses who work and compete locally should definitely consider optimizing locally, so they are visible in their geographic region in search results that relate to their industry and specific keywords. 


  • Take advantage of the new local search platform
  • Reach the first page of Google 
  • Get found across all popular and local seach directories 
  • Gain competitive advantage in your local market


What is the difference between search engine optimization and local SEO? 

Search engine optimization helps you gain presence on the web by getting your website, your products, your services, your brand and name appear at the top of the list of the search results when someone types in certain keywords or search terms.  With competition being so high on the internet, there are a number of strategies that contribute to helping you raise your rankings so your business doesn't get burried down in the search results where no one can find you.

Depending on your type of business, different keywords or keyword phrases can be analyzed and selected to get you the best competitive advantage.  However, it is much more competitive and maybe more irrelevant if you are optimizing at the global level, but only cater to customers at the local level.  That's when you want to use local search engine strategies instead.  

If you are a small business, or even an individual (such as a realtor or insurance agent), doing business locally, local SEO is the best strategy to use to market and brand yourself online in the most affordable way.   Studies have shown that 94% of people use their computers and/or smart phones to search locally for goods and services online and the search engines, specifically Google, has now revamped their local search function so they can give small businesses the opportunity to compete.  In the past only the large companies would appear on search results, but 

Our Local SEO Services for small businesses uses the latest local SEO methods to get you indexed and optimizedon all four major search engines. Once it is setup, it  remains permanent for as long as you are in business. However plan to stay active online and understand that it's not a one-time task to get on top of the search engines. You need to stay active and apply ongoing strategies to stay on top and to keep up with your online marketing efforts as the internet continues to evolve and grow. 



Why is it important for my business to optimize for local search? 

Local SEO is becoming more and more important to businesses who work within a local and metropolitan region where business may be either very competitive or on the other hand may even be slow, or may be in an area where there is low foot traffic or even high foot traffic.  In all cases, local SEO helps you get found by the number of people looking for your type of business.   

Today, over 70% of searches are related to local searches, so you want to make sure that your businesses is optimized for those local searches and is mazimizing the strategies and techniques to get you found. People are also using their mobile devices to search for local businesses while they are also out and about, so they can find and go to a local business immediately. You want to make sure your business stands out during those searches.

So, if your competitors are being found and your business is not appearing on those search results, you are losing many opportunities to your competitors.   Local SEO is one of the most affordable online marketing strategies for small business.  There really is no reason for not doing it!


How does local SEO work? 

Local SEO, or local search engine optimization, is an online marketing strategy to help businessines get listed on top of the search when someone is looking for a type of business locally.  

Below are the steps we take with our local SEO service helps companies to help companies optimize locally:


  • Researching and selecting the best keywords for your business
  • Optimzing the code on your website for local search
  • Listing your site in the major search engine's local search platforms 
  • Optimizing your businesses to be found no matter what combination of words the searcher is using to find that type of business.
  • Optimzing your business in the major local directories 
  • Keeping your information consistent with all the directories, including categorizing your business properly, updating ongoing content in your profiles, using a featured message, promotions, and other ways to entice people to click your link when they do find you

Although the primary goal of Local SEO is to get you on top of the search engines for locally-relevant searches, but to also get people to click on your listing when they do find you! 


Why use Eproneur to help you with your local SEO? 

At Eproneur, our customers are treated with care and personalized service.   We are a small business and understand that small businesses have small budgets.  So we make sure we provide you with an affordable service and  make it simple for you to understand what we do. We do not try to overcomplicate anything and you get to talk directly to the owners of the business.

Our philosphy is to help you, not hook you.  We will help you get set up and provide you with the services to get you going, and then teach you how to do it yourself. We do this by getting your business listed, and optimized  on all of the major search engines for a one-time, low cost. Then, we show you how to take your business listings and get them on the first page of search results using simple, free methods. It's as simple as that! No outrageous monthly fees, no waiting 6-12 months to see results.





Set Up Package - One-Time Fee $299


  • Get verified business listings on Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Research and select the best keywords to target
  • Set targeting radius, including local, regional and national
  • Build a professional listings page
  • Ensure mobile optimization for smartphones and tablets
Monthly Package - $199
minimum 3 months)

  • Build presence in 20+ local business directories (2-5/month)
  • Optimization of best keywords to target
  • Host customer reviews and assistance in getting reviews
  • Assistance in offering coupons
  • Weekly content postings on Google+ (social media posts on Facebook and Twitter add $50/month)
  • Permanent listings for the lifetime of the business
  • Analytics, tracking tools and monthly  reports
  • Personalized service
  • Unlimited support






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