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How Social Media Helps You Market Your Small Business

Social media marketing and social networking have quickly become core components of online marketing and PR strategies. With Social Media, it is easier for prospective buyers to find you on the web and easier for you to engage them.

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of marketing, but social media and social networking have taken that concept to a new level. Social media provides you the ability to find and engage prospects, grow your network exponentially,  build your credibility, shape perceptions of your offerings,  “influence the influencers", and get others to share your message from trusted contacts, from existing customers, and other influencers locally or globally. 

Our Social Media Services

Our social media services are designed to support you in the different phases of the social media process. Below is a list of the services and activities we provide. Depending on your industry, how strategic or tactical you want to be, and how much you are willing to spend, we offer social media packages that accomodate different budgets.

 1   Social Networking Profile Setup

  • Developing custom Twitter background and Facebook page artwork, optimizing profile text and links, and performing setup on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Building initial network on each site based on social media influencers list.
  • Creating editorial calendar and promotional plan for blog posts.
  • Connecting blog and social media accounts for automatic updates.


 2   Social Media Strategy Planning and Coaching

  • Researching presence of competitors, reputations and activity in your industry
  • identify key influencers and building a social media influencer list.
  • Identifying the social media platforms you will be using
  • Developing and clarifying your marketing message
  • Identifying types of contents you will be posting
  • Identifying topics you will be posting
  • Identifying frequency of posts
  • Establishing a baseline for your social media metrics, if presence exists (e.g. Twitter brand mentions per month, website visits referred from Linkedin, etc).
  • Developing a social media editorial plan and setting objectives and goals.
  • Providing social media coaching and training

 3  Social Media Engagement and Campaign Execution

  • Inviting people to like/follow you
  • Sharing your content (Blog posts/articles, reports, white papers, polls, surveys, promotions)
  • Sharing other people's content or retweeting 
  • Searching for other players in industry and building relationships
  • Researching and identifying best keywords and hashtags to optimize posts and tweets
  • Identifying call-to-action landing pages needed to drive traffic 
  • Identifying email campaigns needed to enhance campaign

 4  Tracking, Analyzing Progress and Optimizing

  • Monitoring activity and tracking your progress through social monitoring tools
  • Reviewing social media metric reports
  • Analyzing activities and identifying opportunities to improve results




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