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Below you will find some selected customers who are using the eproneur web marketing suite, our web marketing design services, seo services and/ or coaching programs to build, manage and promote their website.




Eproneur has been a great partner to us, helping us in all phases of our web marketing eforts. They are extremely accomodating and have provided us with the guidance and advice on how to best stucture our site given where we are in the growth of the business.  We also used their easy-to-use software to help us generate leads and kick-off email marketing campaigns. The software provides us with the control we need to manage the website on our own, but if we have a question, they are always willing to help and have supported us in invaluable ways.  We really consider Eproneur our partners and we highly recommend them!

Jody Keyser

Vice President of Marketing



By using Eproneurs' software and services, we now have more visitors and leads then we ever imagined. And we are ranking #1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing on our campaign keywords.

Eproneur is the first company that made web marketing real affordable and easy to execute. The software gives us full control to manage our website, manage our SEO campaigns, our leads and email campaigns all in one place.  It's great. We don't have to use different pieces of software and incurr additional costs. The owners have also provided us with such great support to ensure our success. You can't beat the personalized service, price and the care you get from Eproneur.  We are very lucky we found them. I highly recommend them to anyone who is a looking for a trusted advisor and trust-worthy web marketing company!

Matt Kuruc







Since Eproneur helped us redesign our website, we have already increased the number of leads we get from our visitors because of the new online lead generation  strategies we are now using.

Going through Eproneur's Planning Program gave us great insight into our business and how we needed to align our website strategy as a result.

We are so pleased with the opportunities that Eproneur has provided us and the flexibility we have with the software to accomodate all our web marketing needs!  We are just now starting the SEO campaign and are looking forward to the results we can measure from it! Thanks for all your help.  Your consulting advice, tools and processes have been invaluable to us in this complex world of the web which you have impressively simplified!   

Veronique Godart
Managing Partner - Marketing





We were looking for a company to help us get a website for our real estate business, and found Eproneur to give us much more than what other web design companies were offering.

The owners of Eproneur helped us design and develop our content in a way that sells!  We appreciated their patience and guidance to getting us exactily what we  wanted. We had a great experience working with them!  The feedback we've received on our site has all been very positive and it has been a very effective sales tool for us.

Bobby Roy
Real Estate Partner and Indepedent ReMax Agent




The Eproneur Web Marketing Suite is a great product at such a great price!   It also comes with a wealth of knowledge and educational materials to teach you best practices and strategies for marketing your website. They really thought of everything."                                                                              

I used Eproneur to develop a couple of websites, and was able to create surveys, forms, update content, images and make changes easily without any instructions. I found it to be real intuitive and easy to use.  

I highly recommend this to anyone whow wants to learn how to do their own web marketing! The team at Eproneur is very helpful and personable.  Their customer service is phenomenal.

Nick Martino





Working with Eproneur has been such a breath of fresh air.  They are great communicators and high quality consultants that are focused on helping you get results . 

I have had a number of frustrating experiences and have spent a lot of money working with different web marketing companies that didn't get me anywhere. It is great to finally find someone who can . 

Thank you for all your help, guidance and support.   Your software,  services, and coaching have enabled me to develop a great website and use the latest web strategies to market my book online. 

David Mutchler
Author and Entrepreneur










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