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Using Email Campaigns to Follow Up, Educate and Promote

Once you've built a well-designed site and have used different web marketing strategies to drive visitors to your site and are even getting people to sign up for your complementary offers, do you have a map where you are taking them next?  Below are three tips on what to do after you collect information from your visitors so you can build relationships, educate and promote in the most effective way.

1) Acknowledge receipt of their action and provide them with a thank you message

Once the prospect has completed the form and given you their name, immediately communicate a thank you message right on your website acknowledging receipt of their action either right behind the form or through a separate thank you page that introduces who you are or welcomes them to your website.

2) Send an intial follow up email

The easiest and most economical way to do so intially is to have a form maker that enables you to send an auto-response email when your visitor completes and submits the form. An ideal auto-response message is:

  • Sent promptly. In fact, as close to instantly after a lead comes in as possible. While most visitors to your website likely aren’t ready to buy immediately, a small percentage may be—IF you “strike while the iron is hot.” Even for the majority of site visitors who aren’t ready to buy right away, a rapid reply shows that your company is responsive, creating a favorable initial impression.
  • Personalized. Address your lead by name. Studies have shown that personalized emails receive much higher readability It’s easy to personalize fields based on information provided on a contact form, so you can auto-insert the person’s name (and possibly even company name) into the auto-reply email.
  • Specific and relevant. Make your reply email as specific as possible to the product or topic the prospect expressed an interest in. Relevant emails get read; irrelevant emails (e.g. a general, generic reply message encompassing all of your products) end up in the spam folder.
  • Clear about what happens next. Set expectations regarding next steps. Will a sales person contact them within 24 hours? Will they receive additional information by email in the next few days? Communicate your process, but also give prospects an alternative (e.g., “Got questions you’d like answered right away? Just reply to this email, or give us a call at…”).

3) Keep in touch, nurture them, and lead them through the buying cycle and sales process 

After the initial email reply, create a series of emails (known as a drip campaign) designed to walk your prospect through the buying process with information that buyers typically seek, to help them :

  • Build their knowledge with advice and tips that specifically interests them
  • Understand how they can solve their problem with case studies, industry best-practices and solutions they can implement
  • Evaluate their options and provide them with information that leads them to the benefits and value of your offerings Reach a decision to act and easily buy your products and services

By creating and sending a series of relevant emails, you can effectively build a relationship with your prospects without having to spend time following up and qualifying. The automated process will help them self-qualify using different targeted messages that educate and invite them to act.  It will also help you better understand what interests them most based on their actions and their readiness to buy or to be contacted.  

Email campaigns can be a very powerful tool to use in your sales process and to promote your business professionally. With the right form and survey maker to gather information from leads and an email marketing software to easily create different types of campaigns, you will be able to able to build relationships and convert prospects into customers in the most productive and affordable way.


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