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Video Marketing Services 

Video is the next game changer as a marketing tool and is a proven and highly effective method in captivating attention, engaging visitors, and in describing how your business can help.  There are many different styles of videos that can convey your message and everyone has different preferences.

We can help you select a style for your video, define the key message you want to convey, and produce and promote your video in the most effective and affordable way.  

Below are some ways businesses can incorporate videos into your website:


  • A 30-second or 60-second video personalizing your website with a spokesperson engaging your visitors on the value of the product/service you offer
  • A  two-minute video that conveys an inspring marketing message
  • A promotional video that des4cribes your product/service in a compelling way
  • A video demonstrating the features and benefits of your product
  • A video about your customers' experience and the value they get from your products/services
  • A video about your business, your mission and what your company stands for
  • A series of 2-minute video tips on topics that address your customers value with a call to action


Our Promotional Video Packages and Pricing: 

Our promotional video packages are high-quality video packages that are easy to buy and have been packaged so they are extremely affordable to small businesses and soloproneurs.  

We provide you with the structure, give you samples of videos to choose from, assist you in creating a script, graphics, images, and other media based digital content and also provide royalty free background music and professional  talent and/or voice-over to convey a professional, credible and effective message.


Single Video Package  - $749
10-Pack Package          - $599/video = $5999

20-Pack Package          - $399/Video = $7900

  • 30-second video with script writing assistance up to 80 words
  • Live professional talent and/or voice over to record your script
  • Video SEO analysis report for keywords.
  • Each cideo will be optimized for 1 keyword phrase with 3 months of video optimization service.
  • Youtube channel setup and optimization.
  • Youtube video optimization
  • Video distribution to social media and other video hosting sites.
  • Email campaign setup with up to 5 video email auto responders.
  • You own the video, youtube channel and email service accounts


Video Promotion Package

If you already have video produced and want to promote it, we can optimize your already produced video to help you rank higher on the search engines based on your targeted keyword phase.  We then distribute the video to various popular video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo  and Metacafe and use social media and other strategies to promote it..


Custom Video Services

If you would  like to have a shoot using your facilities, and your own video shoot, we also offer custom video services:

Our custom services begin with understanding your needs, goals and budget, to determine the type of video(s) you are seeking, what you want to convey to help us determine what to include in your video.  This will enable us to provide you with  a quote that delivers the best quality video within your budget. 

The pricing will depend on:

  • whether you create the script or we do
  • whether you will provide high quality pictures or graphics or if we have to provide them
  • whether you have footage we can use or if we have to come out and video
  • how much editing we have to do
  • If we will be providing any voiceover
  • if you want us to optimize the video
  • if you want help promoting it


Video Scripting and Storyboarding

Once we agree on the type of video, the length and the scope of work,  we develop a storyboard that reveals the concept and message you want to portray and guide you in the preparation of the script and the call to action.

Video Shoot

Depending on your need ,  if a  video shoot is required, we can arrange to have our videographers go to your location, film an interview or record an event to get the needed footage to integrate into your video.   If you already have the footage you can provide it to us and we will incorporate it during the editing and production process.

Video Production and Editing

In putting together the video, we use the footage from the shoot or any footage you may have,  and include high quality graphics, royalty free footage, royalty free music and professional voice-over talent as different options to convey your message in a compelling way.  We send you a version to review and go through a review and approval processs to get to the final version.

Embed Video into Your Website

When the video is in its final form, we provide you with a ready-to-embed version of the video in high quality definition using a standard online video format. We also provide you with an online video player to use on your website and can embed them for you if you we also manage your website.


Video Optimization and Sharing

Optimizing your video is an important step to marketing your video and promoting it.  To optimize your video, we can use already selected keywords that you are optimizing or research additional keywords to use.  We will create a YouTube channel for you if you do not already have one and upload your video and optimize using the targeted keywords.  There are additional strategies for optimizing your video which we can also do as part of an overall search engine optimization package.  



Request a Quote

If you are interested in getting a video for your business, and would like to see samples of the different types of videos we can develop for your business, complete the form below and we will get back to you promptly.





The Benefits of Video


According to recent studies, the use of video continues to rise online and will continue to grow as medium of communication on the web.  Video can have a great impact when it is properly employed and can really help deliver a much fuller experience for your web visitors, which will translate to a better bottom line.

 Forrester Research also published a study that shows that a web page with video is 50x more likely to be ranked on the top page of Google. Additionally, Google now takes into account video content in its organic search results which increases exposure of businesses that have video on their websites.





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