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Coaching Programs

ePROneur’s coaching programs provide you with one-on-one customized and personalized web marketing support,  based on your needs, with supporting resource materials to supplement your efforts.

You can hire a coach by either

Coaches go at your pace. The sessions can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand. You decide the timeline for when you want to complete the program and we coach you on executing your plan. If you can cover more than the planned tasks, we'll move into more advanced coaching. 


How our Personalized Coaching Program works:

ePROneur’s programs apply a structured approach to ensure your web marketing success. Our coaching philosophy is to provide you with a solid foundation that you can employ on an ongoing basis with the processes, systems and tools we provide you with during the program.

The approach we follow in executing the program is outlined below:


First we assess your web marketing needs and identify the specific areas you would like coaching

Determine the number of credits you need
Develop a project plan 
Coach you on executing the plan 
Provide you with assigned action items after each coaching session 
Review your work and progress from previous session
Provide you with the necessary tools and resources to support your efforts


Coaching Credits

1-Credit Pack - 60 minutes of coaching.  Support on-demand. 

Can be scheduled up to four 15-minute sessions.

1-Credit Pack



4-Credit Value Pack - Includes 240 minutes of coaching. Support on-demand. 

Can be scheduled up to sixteen 15-minute sessions

4-Credit Pack






Web Marketing Starter Program

The Web Marketing Starter Program includes:

-  10 Coaching sessions - see session details below
-  The Web Marketing Program Guide, Forms, Questionnaires
-  1 year license to the Eproneur Web Marketing Suite
-  An Online Help Manual with online chat or email support
- 1 year subscription to our Learning Center

Starter Program
$1,500  $ 1,200
Limited time offer

includes 10 one-on-one coaching   sessions, web marketing tools, training materials and worksheets 




Web Marketing Starter Program - Session Details


Session Objective Tools / Materials Provided Post-session
To Do's

Define Goals

  • Program Outline & Timeline
  • The Eproneur Web Marketing Program Guide
  • Link to the Web Marketing EvaluatorTM 
  • Review the Eproneur Web Marketing Program Guide - Overview and Evaluation
  • Complete the Web Marketing EvaluatorTM


2 Review Assessment & Identify Market Differentiation and Opportunities
  • Marketing Message Form
  • Customer Profile Questionnaire
  • Product Differentiation Form
  • Complete the Marketing Message Form, Customer Profile Questionnaire and Product Differentiation Form

Review Completed Forms & Questionnaire and Determine Website Requirements

  • Website Plan
  • The ESALES/EBUYERTM Checklist  
  • Complete Website Plan
  • Complete ESALES/EBUYERTM Checklist

Review Website Plan & Checklist

Setting up a Website and Creating a Home Page Using the Eproneur Website Builder 

  • Overview Presentation on the Eproneur Web Marketing Suite
  • Login/password to the Eproneur Web Marketing Suite
  • The Eproneur Online Help Manual
  • Step-by-Step for Setting Up a Website & Creating a Home Page
  • Complete Website Set Up
  • Complete Home Page Design
  • Identify Graphic Needs
  • Keep a list of questions

Create the product/service page using the Eproneur Website Builder 

  • Content Consideration Guidelines
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for creating Product/Service page, About Us Page & Contact Us Page 
  • Form Maker
  • Sample Page  
  • Create product/service page
  • Create About Us page
  • Create Contact Us page
  • Define settings and publish to your site

Creating Dynamic Content on your site (news, articles or blogs) 

  • The News Manager
  • The Blog Publisher 
  • The Content Library 
  • How to create a dynamic content page
  • Online Help Materials
  • Review Help materials
  • Post News Articles in the News Manager and publish to your site  
  • Post Articles in the Article Library and publish to your site
  • Post blogs and publish to your site

Introduction to SEO & Onsite Optimization

  • Overview Presentation of SEO
  • The SEO Fundamentals Guide
  • Keyword Research Guidelines & Worksheet
  • The Onsite Optimization Worksheet
  • Complete Keyword Selection Worksheet
  • Complete Onsite Optimization Worksheet
  • Complete Optimization of the site 

Offsite Optimization Strategy Planning

  • SEO Offsite Optimization Plan
  • Search Engine & Directory Resources 
  • Complete Offsite Optimization Plan
  • Submit to Search Engines
  • Submit to Directories 

Creating Your First Campaign

  • The Eproneur Email Campaign Manager Guide 
  • Review help materials
  • Create a one-month campaign
  • Select campaign from web form
10 Monitoring your results
  • Tracking Reports 
  • Action Plan
  • Review reports
  • Define Next Steps







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