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Most small business understand that their customers are more likely to find them online than through any other medium. Yet many business websites are still poorly optimized for search or designed to effectively convert visitors into buyers. You need a clear understanding of what it takes to compete online so that you can build your presence and get people interested in what you have to offer. This article outlines what you need to know for web marketing success.


The key to increasing your exposure is to leverage search engine marketing strategies to build your web presence. Search Engine Marketing is a mix of online marketing strategies that can help you get to the top of search engines so you can be easily found online when someone searches for you. People will typically search either by someone's personal name, company name, or keywords that define the expertise, services or products they are seeking. The goal is ofcourse to get on the first page of the search results but getting to the top of the search results requires some know-how. However, getting to the top of the search results requires work and an overall understanding of what it takes to compete online. Here are 3 tips to help you in this process:


SEO is considered one of the more technical areas of web marketing. Although the concept has been around for years, SEO best practices are continually evolving as the major search engines continually update their algorithms to improve relevancy and filter out less useful results. Still, search rankings are fundamentally based on two components: relevance (providing valuable content based on the needs of your audience) and authority (the number and quality of links pointing to your website).



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