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How the Right Web Marketing Software Can Help You Automate Your Sales Process

There are many web marketing software tools available designed to enhance your marketing efforts. Each offers its own benefits, but finding the right solution to support your online strategy and reduce your cost of sales can be a challenge.

The software you select needs to give you the ability to fully control your own website, easily change content on a web page, reduce your dependency on your web master, easily generate and track leads, launch campaigns and support your overall sales efforts.

Below is a list of the common functionality found in web marketing software tools used to support sales efforts on the web. Business managers who want to use their websites as sophisticated sales platforms will need most of the following types of tools:

  • Website management and web content management capabilities that can give non-technical users full control to manage a website and easily update content, create lead generation forms and surveys, and publish different types of content (articles, blog posts, news, events, white papers, ebooks, or multi-media content such as videos, flash presentations and audio). Today content is king on the internet, which means that B2B marketers need to think like publishers. Buyers seek certain information in their buying process that requires the display and management of content in different formats. Therefore, to compete effectively, a web content management system and a web marketing system are essential.
  • An online CRM system that integrates with your website and manages all of your contacts, tracks your leads, and connects your prospects to their website activity, including downloads, contact requests, subscription status and registrations, in one centralized system. A contact manager can also give you the capability to track notes, communications, follow up tasks, documents, opportunities and other important information related to your contacts which you can access anywhere.
  • An automated email system that enables you to pre-define messages and follow up with leads through emails, newsletters, or drip campaigns for targeted email lists.
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools. These tools help you monitor your brand’s presence in social media, manage tasks, identify key influencers in your market, and optimize your social media efforts.
  • Ecommerce software that requires a shopping cart and secured payment processing capabilities. Depending on the sophistication of an Ecommerce site, there are many different types of solutions that may require integration with other systems making the solution more complex. Ecommerce capabilities are generally used on consumer sites, though low-value, frequently purchased B2B items can also be sold directly online.
  • A customer portal or customer membership site that you can use as a learning center and a knowledgebase to support your customers as well as easily service them.
  • Depending on your business need, you can use different tools to support and automate your sales process to gain competitive advantage. The important thing is to make sure that your website is designed to support your sales process, and to implement the software that will enable you to market, sell and service your customers in the most effective and productive way.

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