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Web Marketing Software

Easy-To-Use, Affordable, All-in-One Hosted Solution 


  • Manage and Update Your Website Content 
  • Build Forms, Surveys and Polls to Engage Visitors
  • Capture Leads and Build Your Contact Database
  • Launch Email Marketing Campaigns and Measure Results

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System Features

The Web Marketing Suite includes 20+ tools neatly organized in 4 main systems.   Each system provides you with rich features to manage all the different information that is needed in your business development efforts to market online .  

  Web Content Manager

The ePROneur Web Content Manager gives you full control to manage your website and web content. It is a rich content management system that enables you to manage and publish different type of content on your websites.

Whether you are a novice at website building or are advanced in html, you will find this tool so easy to use while having highly sophiticated features:

  • Uses a powerful and flexible Website Builder that comes with templates and best-practices for how to structure your website pages and content in a way that sells! 
  • Enables you to easily update your website, optimize it for SEO and add promotional pages for your campaigns 
  • Provides you the ability to create multiple websites and publish them to any domain
  • Uses a feature rich text editor to easily insert video, audios, links, images, tables, forms, widgets, payment buttons, as well as custom html code.
  • Enables you to easily publish dynamic content using the News Manager, Blog Manager, Article Manager and different Document Libraries with the ability to publish to any website with just one click
  • Includes an Event Manager to enable you to schedule events and add registration forms to embed on your website
  • Manages your multi media files through  the Image Gallery, Flash Gallery, Audio Gallery,  and  Video Gallery  (audio & video galleries also come with a converter)

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  Form & Survey Maker

The ePROneur Form & Survey Maker is the central lead generation engine of the system and is by far the most powerful and easiest system to use. It comes with a library of Templates that are easily customized and embeded into your website. It connects the entire system and depending on the type of form, it updates Email List, the Contact Manager, the Service Manager and integrates with the Email/Campaign Manager to kickoff campaigns after someone completes your form.

  • Forms - Use our ready-to-embed Customer Service forms or Marketing forms from our Forms Warehouse to easily embed on your site. Sends alerts directly to your email when a visitor completes a form, updates your email lists and launches a campaign to your subscribers, Also enables you to create a thank you page and send a follow up email when someone completes the form.
  • Surveys- Our online survey software uses a wizard to walk you through creating web surveys step-by-step. It includes a full suite of tools for creating surveys, sending the surveys as part of an email campaign, and reports that enable you to analyze the responses.
  • Polls - Our poll software enables you to create a single question poll and embed it on your website or blog in minutes. Use polls to engage your visitors, collect valuable data and even automatically share results with your visitors if you choose.

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  Contact Manager/Online CRM

The ePROneur Contact Manager  and CRM System is the central repository for managing information on all your contacts.  It is a fully integrated system that captures information from all web forms and surveys, gives you a full view of your visitor activities and enables you to manage and analyze all the requests coming in from your website, contacts, leads, prospects and opportunities.  

  • Provides you with a complete view of all the activities that are made on your website  through "contact us" forms, download request forms and registration forms 
  • Uses a central repository of all your contacts and tracks all requests they made through web forms and surveys, and campaigns sent to them through the Campaign Manager 
  • Enables you to update information of their profile,  keep notes and documents in their file and send emails through the system   
  • You can also categorize your contacts, segment by different criteria and build email lists so you can do more targeted marketing  
  • Allows you to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, Linked In or a CSV file 
  • Allows you to do reporting and analysis on leads and customers

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  Email/Campaign Manager

The ePROneur Email/Campaign Manager makes it easy to create emails campaigns and HTML emails with no technical expertise. Our email marketing software offers customizable email templates and a step-by step getting started wizard. The Eproneur Email/Campaign Manager allows you to easily create, send and track email blast, series of campaign messages, newsletters in one easy-to-use system.  You can also use the Campaign Manager to track your SEO Campaigns.

  • Create Email Lists to update from your forms or surveys or use an import feature to create new email lists 
  • Create Email Blasts to broadcast specials, announcements or promotions and send to one or more email list  
  • Create Email Campaigns with unlimited follow-up messages and time the interval you want them to go out  
  • Create Newsletters to send on a regular basis to subscribers  
  • Schedule your Campaigns to launch at a specified start date  
  • Includes a built-in autoresponder to put your campaigns on autopilot  
  • Integrates with the Form and Survey System if you specify to update your email lists and launch a follow up campaign  
  • Utilizes a easy-to-use text editor to create your email messages and newsletters  
  • Manages your SEO campaigns including your keyword ranking, link submissions, and traffic volume to enable you to track activity and measure results on a monthly basis

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