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Web Marketing Strategy Consulting and Planning

Our Web Strategy Consulting Services 

Helping you develop a road map and an effective web marketing plan with coaching services to guide you on best-practices during the execution of your plan if you need it.

To sell effectively on the web, you need to have a well defined sales and marketing strategy.  Having a website is not sufficient.  You need to have an overall web marketing strategy.  “Brochure-ware” sites provide the first step in having web presence, however they do not necessarily pull in new visitors from the search engines or use strategies to convert visitors into leads. To truly leverage the power of the web, you need an overall web marketing strategy that brings visitors to your website, campaigns that compels your target audience to take action, a search engine optimization plan to drive the right target audience to your website and social media plan to engage and build your network online. To win the business, you need to have all the pieces in place to sell strategically and compete in the most effective and cost-efficient way.  

Buyers are now in control of the process. They have access to more information than ever before, but paradoxically, they have less time than ever to process it. Your web marketing strategy needs to be built around providing buyers with the information they need, when they are looking for it; giving them clear, concise reasons to move forward; and making every step as quick and easy as possible.

To help you do just that, ePROneur has developed a proprietary, end-to-end web marketing strategy and planning process that provides you with a comprehensive plan, which includes:

  • A clear definition of your compelling marketing message consisting of your positioning, brand, unique selling proposition and value proposition. This is the marketing message to use in all of your web marketing communication and traditional marketing materials
  • A definition profile of your target market characteristics and demographics along with identification of their needs, challenges, buying criteria and "persona"
  • A clear definition of your offerings including differentiation of features, benefits and other competitive factors based on your top competitors
  • A roadmap that outlines your website sales process and content marketing strategy path that will lead your buyers through the buying cycle in every step of the sales process
  • A site map for your new website with a layout of your home page and inner pages - including content requirements and layout for each page
  • A keyword strategy for each page of your website based on competitive keyword research
  • A nurturing plan to stay in touch with your contacts, leads and customers
  • A detailed web marketing plan (incorporating email, search engine marketing, SEO and social media) to promote your site
  • Website performance targets, budget and goals

As part of our web strategy consulting service, we will you help you define your strategy and plan and provide you with our proprietary Web Marketing Strategic Planning Guide to facilitate you through the process.  The guide includes a step by step process and a downloadable Marketing Plan Template to include all of the information defined and research gathered during the process.

At the end of the process, you will have a comprehensive plan to guide you through effectively building and promoting your new website.

If you want help executing the plan, we provide website design services, web marketing services and web marketing software to help you in any area you need help.




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