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We specialize in business websites for small to midsized businesses 

Our objectives and goals in designing websites include:

  • Taking a three-dimensional focus:  your prospective buyers, the search engines and your sales process. 
  • Ensuring your website conveys a professional first impression that helps reinforce your brand
  • Having a clear and simple marketing message about what you do and the value you offer
  • Designing an engaging website that compels your visitors to take action
  • Providing you with the tools necessary to help you track visitors, generate leads and increase sales! 

Our Website Design Approach 

We provide a full range of small business website development services through our team of specialists and include our  website marketing software platform as part of our basic package.

Our website design services include web forms to enable your visitors to interact with you and tools to enable you to easily update your site, manage leads and market to them through autoresponder follow up emails and campaigns. 

Our process begins with understanding your needs and requirements so we can recommend a solution within your timeframe and budget. Whether you are designing a new website or redesigning your existing website, we use a website design approach that is outlined below to make the process simple and effective:  

 1  Website Planning

The first step of our website design approach is to learn about your business, your competition and what you are seeking to achieve from your website.  

We provide you with our Website Planning Questionnaire that we ask you to complete to make the website design process as efficient as possible and to help us determine your requirements, design and needs.

 2   Website Design 

Once we receive your questionnaire, we will discuss it further with you and start the website design process:

  • Website Custom Designed Template - We will create a custom design based on the design preferences you select and provide you a with a mock-up of a home page and an inner page design.  (We provide three different styles and up to three iterations on the chosen style for the home page and internal page templates including your branding colors, fonts, navigation menu, number of columns, and the overall look and feel of the site)
  • Sitemap, Navigation and Footer Details - We develop the sitemap as the next step to identify all the main pages and inner pages on your website and the navigation from where they each will be accessed.  
  • Inner Page Layout for each page  - We will then agree on the layout for each page, including where images, content, forms, call outs, social media widgets, navigation, etc... will go. We supply one image for each page from our stock photo suppliers as part of our service.
  • Sidebar and Call-to-Action - We then focus on the sidebar needs for each page including page navigation menus, call-to-actions that we agree upon, subscription forms, download forms, surveys, polls, social media widgets, plug-ins, etc....that would provide you the most value for your website.
  • Content Development Needs - Identify content needed, including marketing content, brochures, pricing, content in forms of articles and reports, white papers, data collection questionnaires, video scripts, etc... 
    - If custom images or video have to be created, a separate quote will be provided
    - Content development is NOT included in the basic web design package. Content Development Services are available separately if needed.

 3   Technical Development and System Implementation  

Once your website is designed, the next step is to turn the design into HTML code, Javascript, CSS.  This is the technical development phase.   Once the necessary code is developed, we import it into a  website management tool so you can maintain the content. 

The following steps are included during the technical development and system implementation phase:

  • Develop the necessary code based on the selected website design
  • Import it into the website management software 
  • Add content, images and links
  • Upload “downloadable” documents to Documents Library
  • Create web forms, email lists to capture new contacts, alert settings  and thank you pages
  • Create autoresponder follow up emails (optional)
  • Import any existing contacts into our Email Marketing System
  • Set up initial campaigns (optional)


 4  Publish and Launch Website

  • Install Google Analytics tracking code
  • Create a a HTML and XML site map
  • Identify if redirects are needed (if site is being redesigned)
  • Identify if meta tags need to be transferred (if site is being redesigned)
  • Run baseline SEO position check 
  • Publish website
  • Provide one-on-one training on using the ePROneur website marketing suite

If you have selected to include search engine optimization, we will also perform the SEO services according to the package you selected.  We offer different web marketing services and affordable SEO packages to help you increase traffic to your site and increase your online visibility.  You can also visit our resource center to get tips on search engine optimization and learn more about what you need to promote your website.













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