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Why Content, SEO and Your CMS Should be Part of the Same Strategy

Content is the foundation of any site and is very important to search engines especially when it is new, current, relevant content that is beneficial to visitors.  Search engines use content as the key driver to optimize your site and reward websites that contain fresh, current, compelling, and unique content.  

Here are some tips on how to use content to help you boost your rankings. 

Add a resource center or blog on your website - Adding a blog or resource center to your website, and contributing to it regularly is one of the best ways to optimize your website so it appears on top of the search engines.  Sites with static content may lose their rankings over time if they are not kept fresh. As result, content has become a significant factor for SEO because the goal of search engines is to provide better quality results for their users. Sites with fresh quality content are the most rewarded sites in terms of rankings based on the respective keywords used.  

Build relevant and reputable links back to your website - The more optimized and relevant your content is to your site's products and services, and the more links you build with reputable sites through your SEO activities, the more popular your site will be. Higher rankings will drive more traffic when the titles are interesting enough for visitors to click through to your site. That's why you want to keep both your keywords and tiltes in mind when you write content.

Use a content management tool - The value of having a website content management tool (also known as a CMS) is to enable you to easily add fresh content such as articles, white papers, reports, surveys, presentations, videos or other resources.  The content can be easily updloaded and published to a content management tool that allows you to capture contact information, and feedback from interested visitors and converts them into leads. With a content management system you can also optimize your site with relevant meta tags and keywords as you test and determine how to continuously improve the performance of your website and increase your lead conversion ratio.

A website today has to be actively managed otherwise it becomes a brochureware site that doesn't generate leads. The best way to keep it active is to provide your visitors the opportunity to engage with you online.  This requires that you update your site with content that interests and educates your visitors on topics related to your industry. 

Your best ideas will come from questions from your visitors, leads and customers. Listen to what they need and want, check what your competitors are doing and find creative ways to provide valuable content through your website in ways that are getting your visitors to act.

If you would like help with your content strategy, content development, or are looking for a web content management tool to help you generate leads from your website, contact us for a free conultation and we will be happy to discuss your needs and goals with you.

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